·your Senior Portrait·
Senior year is finally here and it's all about you!
     Capturing being a senior only happens once and being prepared for your session is the best foundation to a great portrait. Do you want to look great, feel great, and enjoy the session? The best way to do that is to properly prepare.

What to Wear

    Start with a classic timeless outfit. A white or black shirt with jeans is a good look for anybody. Girls, simple solid colored dresses look great. Guys, pair a solid polo shirt with jeans or khakis, or wear slacks with a nice button down. Remember solid colors tend to photograph better than loud patterns.        

     Wearing something that is comfortable, may or may not look good on you. Maybe a classic timeless look is not your style, then accessorize! A hat, a scarf, a belt…bring pair of funky shoes or boots, a trendy jacket or sunglasses…accessories can bring an outfit together. Bring personal "props" to make your portraits all about you.

     Here's where it gets fun. Do you play an instrument? or a sport? Are you an artist or a skateboarder? A clothing consultation is key! This can be done via email.

Hair and Makeup

    Be you! Wear your hair and makeup naturally. Girls, if you normally don't wear a lot of makeup (or very little) this is not the time to try out bold new colors. Guys make sure you're clean shaven. If you normally sport facial hair, make sure it's freshly trimmed.

A little hint-don't try something new right before your session. You want to love your portraits and not hate them because of a bad haircut. You know what works for you, so stick with it!


The Sessions
Mini Senior session  |  $150                                  Full Senior Portrait session  |  $300
  • 30 min-1 hr session
  • at a location of your choice**
  • one unique "look"
  • $50 portrait credit


  • 2-3 ½ hr session, up to 2 location(s) of your choice** 
  •  up to 3 unique "looks" for the session (outfits)
  • 50 custom 4x6" graduation announcements
  • $50 in portrait credit

**your location could be your home, the backyard, a nearby park, or school.